We all face different emotional challenges, especially at certain junctures in life – whether it’s through struggles within our own internal world, or in close relationships with other people.

Some of these difficulties may be brought on by current external events; others may feel like they’ve always been with us, manifesting as self-sabotaging behaviour or feelings of being out of sync with the world. As such, we may end up feeling overly stressed and anxious, finding it difficult to cope and even more difficult to see a path forward.

So, how do we approach, work through, and overcome these challenges? How do we find strength and achieve clarity in order to evolve and heal?

It’s not an easy task done alone, and a vital part of the process is having the experience of being seen, heard, and understood by another person. To have someone with whom you can safely explore who you are, and why you feel and act the way you do, is invaluable. A good therapeutic relationship helps you uncover deeply-rooted internal conflicts and beliefs that are negatively impacting upon your life, and helps you face up to the difficult task of resolving them.

In short, in-depth therapy can bring about truly meaningful and long-lasting change, leading to a life that is ultimately more authentic and fulfilling.

Sinisa Savic, registered psychotherapist in London

Sinisa Savic, MSc.

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A psychodynamic psychotherapist and a registered member of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Birkbeck Counselling Association.

Please contact me via email at or by phone on +44 (0)7812 425594

psychotherapy and counselling consulting room in central London

I see clients in two locations in Central London, Bloomsbury (WC1B) and Angel Islington (EC1).Click here for Google map

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